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NAPA Auto Parts Reviews

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  • NAPA Norwalk Ohio store

    I went to Napa this morning to get a brake light bulb. I waited 7 minutes for the two fellows working to come out of the back room. I explained I had a driver side brake light out. When I have the headlights on everything lights up besides the white light. I assume I need the white light as I can't step on the brakes and look at the same time. The clerk tells me it could be red or white bulb he wouldn't know. I thanked them and let them know I would go to work and step on my brakes and have someone look and see. So it's off to AUTO ZONE where I can get customer service! More...
    (Repair Services)
    Sonipete's Picture   Sonipete    0 Comments   Comments
  • Napa unresponsive

    I had a problem with getting incorrect parts from Napa and upon research I found that the listing online and in their stores showed incorrect information. When I tried to get Napa to address this problem I was met with inaction above the store level. They will not call me back when I call their 800 number. The Napa website responded to my complaint with an auto reply email stating that they would be responding to my email within 48 hrs. More than a week has gone by with no further response. Their mistake cost me money and hours of my life. I am now attempting to contact their 800 number.... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    wrreach's Picture   wrreach    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissatisfied future customer

    On Friday, May 31, 2013, at roughly noon Indiana time, I had a serious flat tire on my 29 foot, 4 wheeled pull behind camper/trailer as I was driving through Remington, Indiana. It had been raining all day and as I pulled into the NAPA store on Rt. 24, the weather broke, the rain had stopped, and the parking lot was large. My wife asked the 2 men standing behind the counter if we could use the lot while her husband (me)put the spare on the flat. They said we could. An hour later, I went into the store to the two same men, behind the counter, and said, "I was so glad that the rain... More...
    lierman's Picture   lierman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Napa Premium rotors

    had Napa premium rotors installed 2007 . While i was braking i heard a BANG . I lost my brakes completly . Took to a Mechanic & he showed me the Rear {Napa premium rotors had complety collapsed { all cooling fins had sheared off} both sides.I went back to NAPA Lockport , New york. they said would not warranty these parts .There over 3yrs. I agree . My response is #1 how can NAPA charge almost twice the price for these rotors that disitegrated after 26000 mi.#2 This is a real safety issue that should be addressed. I have kept the rotors & receipts if anyone wants to see what you get... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • Napa Priemum rotors

    I had NAPA PREMIUM rotors installed. 2007. In 4yrs.& 26000mi. While i was braking i heard a bang & the pedal went to the floor {again & again}. Took it to mechanic & he said the rotors are completly collapsed.{all cooling fins are sheared off. {both sides}. I took rotors back to NAPA Lockport, New York. The said hey their out of warranty . ok rt. my response #1 how can NAPA charge almost twice the price for these PREMIUM rotors which disintegrated after 26000 mi. & #2 This is a real safty issue that should be addressed . I have kept the PREMIUM rotors & receipts if... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    bucko166's Picture   bucko166    0 Comments   Comments
  • Napa Auto Parts complaint

    I recently went to one of your stores and was unable to find what i was looking for. Upon asking the person at the counter how i might find it they were rude and not helpful to me. As a loyal customer i have to say i was surprised. Since i have had so many good interactions with NAPA auto parts i am going to overlook this one time but i would suggest that you make sure that you are training your employees to be polite. In this economy it is customer service that sets you apart. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    measuredup's Picture   measuredup    1 Comments   Comments

NAPA Auto Parts Reviews By Product

NAPA Auto Parts Comments

rotorxtcy says: (4 years ago)
On 4-12-14 we had the car towed to Mikes Small Engine repair. We informed him we felt that it was the fuel pump that
may be bad. We informed him to call us as soon as he can to give us an estimate on repair and what needed to be done.

He asked us continuously how soon do we need it? We informed him that it can be as soon as Tuesday. He called later
that night to inform us as to the problem but we were not available.

We returned the call the next day (Monday) to find out what was wrong and he informed us that it was the fuel pump
and it would be 947.49 to repair. We did research to find out that on this model (BMW 330xi) the fuel pump is
replaceable within 20 minutes and is located under the seat it should take an estimated 30 minutes for a knowledgeable

We confronted Mr. Mike about the charges and he indicated that he replaced the fuel filter $98.87 w/o our consent,
purchased the fuel pump for $497.00 and ran a diagnostic at $35.00 w/o our consent. We informed him that we needed
the car because of my medical condition and these costs we cannot afford. I must get to my dialysis appointments and i
need a vehicle. He informed us that he would remove $100.00 of labor and $35,00 off diagnostic but we informed him
that his total cost Is more than it should actually cost.

We found the same fuel pump for highest at $256.89 and additional parts totaling $347,00. We were concerned that
the additional costs in labor were padded. The cost for the Fuel filter at highest would be $99.00

We found from other NAPA Mechanics indicate that the computer states it is a 2.5 hrs labor charge but with more
investigating for this particular sedan it Is actually a 30 minute procedure vice a 2.5 hrs procedure.

Because we had problems with the cost we asked for assistance to get the costs lowered because of my health. We
asked for assistance with the VFW, the Salvation Army, and the St. Cyril's Church who called the Mechanic and he
indicated that the cost went from $777.69 for us to SS47.00 when the assistance individuals called. This makes us look
bad for us because they feel we were lying about the amount. So, we asked for an invoice which we received 12 hours
later, and the amount was $756.69 (which we were told was only for us to see for if it was anyone else who asks it will
be more). We were told, "I am working with you to try to make the costs easier".

When we called a Veteran's representative who is also a NAPA mechanic he was the one that informed us that the job
via "the computer states it is a 2.5hrs Job but when I looked at it and the type of car you have it is actually at 30min job".

We decided to take the car to the Veteran's NAPA Mechanic who indicated he can have the car fixed in 45 min, because
it is hampering Mr. Stewart from getting to his dialysis treatments.

This complaint is being filed because this mechanic (Mikes Small Engine Repair) is charging an additional 100% for a job
that should only cost an exact amount. The complaint is also because no written estimate was agreed upon as to what
was needed to be repaired as well as what the customer can afford to have repaired.

We never received an estimate on the cost or repair, what was needed to be repaired, or storage price. We were told
he went ahead and repaired items that was needed without our consent,

08:14am pst 04-04-2014
At the time of writing the complaint to the DOJ of Oregon, which was 10:00am 4-2-2014. Every thing was thought good and going to pick up the vehicle without any work done. But when the tow truck finally arrived at 5:00pm the owner Mike had locked up the shop sent texts that he was going to “rip out” any parts he put in the car without authorization or approval and he was going to do damage to the vehicle and wanted $100 for his parts.
The results was that the Veteran (me) had missed my fifth kidney dialysis treatment which put me in the hospital the next day for emergency dialysis and the dialysis center which I normally go to had called around to try to find me a chair because I couldn’t make it to a normal scheduled appointment. All of these he Mr. Laundry was aware of with no regard for the peril that he put me in.
To date 4-4-2014 we have no car have contacted the Oregon State Patrol, Sherwood Police department, Sheriff’s Department about the lawfulness of this mechanics actions. Every day that goes by I am not able to get to my kidney treatment because at this time he wants $100 for work that was not authorized or contractually agreed upon. (Mikes Small Engine Repair Service, states he is a NAPA Certified ASE Mechanic, he represents NAPA, he states he is an Air Force Vet., he has a BA in Mechanical Engineering and has had his shop for 15 years). Mikes Small Engine Repair is located at 11300 Sw Cahalan St. Sherwood, OR 97140 (503) 427-0550

DonTomio says: (5 years ago)
I use my 03 Ford explorer for business. I average 60-70000 miles a year. I purchased this truck new.

In July of 20012 after 185000 mile the factory AC compressor failed. My mechanic put in a NAPA AC.
That compressor went out in October of 2012. The mechanic put in another NAPA AC because it was warrantied. When the compressor went out it sent metal through the rest of the system. I had to pay and extra $335 for that.

That new AC lasted till September of 2013. Out of warranty because of the miles (24/24) so I had to pay for a new AC plus labor @ $1200. I was offer a new ford factory one at $300 more. I should have taken it at that time. This one lasted 2 weeks.

At this point I told my mechanic I did not want another NAPA compressor put in my truck. After several discussions with the shop they put one in anyway. Against my request not to. I wanted my money back and was going to take it to the Ford dealer. I'm sure they new if I picked it up I would be going after them for the invoice from the dealer. The Mechanic is another issue and I won't mention names here because this will be going to court.

So now I'm on my forth AC from NAPA in a 14 month period. I know this one will fail as well. It's just a matter of time.
When it does I will be taking NAPA to court for all my expenses and lost wages. Naming the Mechanic in the suit as well.

Unable to get a response from E-mails to NAPA or can not even find the correct contact. I'm post this every place I can in hopes someone from NAPA will see it and contact me to resolve this issue before it goes to court. Tom 760-207-310

tigger says: (8 years ago)
Does Matt Herr think that $8 per hour with no medical is enough to live on? He should try to live on what his delivery drivers do. He has cut the hours of the drivers at our store yet continues to hire new drivers. One driver has been cut to 30 hours per week, that is only only $240 dollars per week before taxes. Yet he makes enough that he can not apply for parial unemployment. This driver has 2 small children.

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